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Valentine's Day Collection

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  1. Small Mother Of Pearl Heart Necklace
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  2. Paperclip Necklace W Jumbo Scattered Diamond Heart
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  4. Pink Sapphire Ombre Curb Link Bracelet
  5. Small Malachite Heart Necklace
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  6. Large Open Diamond Heart on Short Paperclip Chain Bracelet
  7. 5 Stations Pave Diamond Hearts on Diamond By the Yard Chain Bracelet
  8. Open Diamond Heart On Chain Bracelet
  9. Triple Diamond Heart on Chain Bracelet
  10. Elongated Open Heart on Double Ball Chain Bracelet
  11. Pave Diamond Sideways Heart on Chain Bracelet
  12. Malachite Heart & Diamond Halo Chain Bracelet
  13. Pink Ombre Sideways Diamond & Sapphire Heart Bracelet
  14. Alternating Gold & Pave Diamond Heart Bracelet
  15. Cuban Chain W Large Diamond Pave Heart Bracelet Link
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  17. 3.48 Solitaire Lab Diamond Heart Necklace
  18. Jumbo Mother of Pearl Heart With Diamond Halo on Chain Necklace
  19. 0.52 Carat Partway Buttercup Diamond Tennis on Chain Necklace
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  20. Open Diamond Heart on Chain Necklace
  21. Open Diamond Heart on Chain Necklace