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  1. 2.31 Ct Buttercup Diamond Halfway Tennis Necklace
  2. Pave Diamond Disc + Gold Disc Chain Necklace
  3. 5 Triangle Diamond Clusters on Mini Paperclip Chain Necklace
  4. 5 Round Diamond Bar on Chain Necklace
  5. Small Lapis Clover Necklace
  6. Diamond Studded Bar Necklace 14K White Gold
  7. Paperclip Choker Necklace With Oversized Diamond Clasp
  8. Pave Diamond Moon & Star Necklace 14K Yellow Gold
  9. 5 Pave Diamond Star Necklace
  10. Diamond Pave Heart Necklace
  11. Chain Necklace W Bezel Diamonds & Alternating Pave Discs
  12. Mother Of Pearl Dense Bar Necklace
  13. Baguette Diamond Flower on Chain Necklace
  14. Alternating Bezel Diamond & Hanging Trapezoid Diamond on Chain Necklace
  15. Cuban Chain Necklace with 11 3-Prong Floating Diamonds
  16. Paperclip Necklace with Oversized Diamond Clasp
  17. Five Hanging Diamond Pave Pear Necklace
  18. 10 Station Triangle Diamond Cluster on Baby Paperclip Necklace
  19. Paperclip Necklace With Diamond Baguette Flower
  20. Partway Diamond Tennis on Chain Necklace