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  1. Single Ear Diamond W Connecting Chain
  2. Diamond Cluster Earrings
  3. Jumbo Pave Diamond Rectangle Studs
  4. Diamond Long Single Leaf Baguette Diamond Earrings
  5. Twisted Baguette Oval Diamond Hoops
  6. Pear Blue Sapphires & Diamond Oval Hoops
  7. Cluster Diamond Ear Crawler
  8. Diamond, Blue Sapphire & Large Pear Fan Earrings
  9. Diamond, Pink Sapphire & Ruby Large Oval Disc Earrings
  10. Gold & Diamond Fanned Earrings
  11. Jumbo Hanging Double Hexagon Earrings
  12. Large & Oval Sapphire Hoops On Post
  13. Large Diamond Starburst Earrings
  14. Marquee Shaped Leaf Scattered Diamonds Earrings
  15. Oval Diamond Hoops
  16. Oval Wavy Diamond Hoops
  17. Pink Sapphire Pear With Diamond Rays Earrings