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  1. Large Diamond Octagon Charm
  2. Mixed Diamond Shape Tennis on & Paperclip Necklace
  3. 5 MM Ball Chain Necklace
  4. Twisted Rope Spike & Drop Diamond Heart Earrings
  5. VBJ Medium Diamond Magen David Necklace
  6. Large Diamond Sunflower Charm
  7. Squarish Paperclip Necklace with Jumbo Diamond Clasp
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  8. Double Bezel Charm with Heart Shaped Topaz
  9. Double Bezel Charm with Pear Shaped Amethyst
  10. Double Bezel Baguette Peridot on Cuban Chain Necklace
  11. Double Bezel Emerald Cut Topaz on Large Oval Link Necklace
  12. Double Diamond Triangle Earrings
  13. Sold Out
  14. Double Bezel Oval Topaz on 6mm Rolo Chain Necklace